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About Us


Quality Education and Livelihood Opportunities

Parivarthana situated in Hunsur, Mysore district aims at Quality Education for Adivasi children and  Livelihood Opportunities for their Families

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


Quality Education for Adivasi children and Livelihood Opportunities for their Families


Capacity building activities to use the locally available government resources for their well being and also to initiate self-help groups to meet financial needs for self- reliance.

Our Programs

Quality Education for Adivasi Children and Livelihood Opportunities for their Families

To improve the forest dwelling tribe’s situation Ciao-Kids Foundation and Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd are supporting for this project. 

This joint project has been initiated with the twin objectives

1.To provide quality education for Adivasi children and

2. To provide livelihood opportunities for Adivasi families through capacity building activities to use the locally available government resources for their well being and also to initiate self-help groups to meet their financial needs for self- reliance.


Under Quality Education for Adivasi Children project supported by Ciao Kids  Foundation during 2022-23, 58 Adivasi Girls and 32 Adivasi Boys got admission to Fostership Home. In the Fostership Home children will get food, accommodation, education materials, health, sports and skill development support and facilities to continue their education. Admission  given in the Fostership Home for 8th standard, 1st PUC, 1st Degree, 1st year B. Ed and 1st year Post Graduation students.

Our Activities

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Horticulture Plants Distribution

Under Fruit Tree and Dry-land Orchard project supported by Charities Advisory Trust  641 coconut plants and 323 different other hoticulture plants distributed for 34 farmers of Mylamboor, Hunsur block, Mysore District.  Other Horticulture plants includes lime, orange, coffee, drumstik and papaya plants to develop fruit orchard.  

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Support Education Kits Distribution

In the year 2022-23 in total 309 support education kits distributed for school going children in the adivasi areas. Education kits are distributed in Hemige, Ayyanakere, Chandanagiri, Hosurumala,  Abbalathi, Kolavige and Prabhanagara tribal hamlets.

Education kits consists of Slate & chalk and 4 line note book for 1st standard, 2 line note books for 2nd standard and 3rd standard onwards required note books, copy writing books, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, geometry box, pouches to keep pens & pencils and school/ college bags depending up on the class in which children are studying. Now Children are using these education materials to continue their education.


Status of Self-Help Groups

SHG group meetings are being held regularly once in a month in 28 groups and 7 groups sometimes miss the meetings. The average attendance in the group meetings is around 60 – 70% in working groups. In these meetings, SHG representatives collect small savings and discuss and decide on various subjects/issues like children education, health issues, nutrition issues and mobilization of government resources for housing, drinking water, roads, public distribution system, ration cards, pensions for the aged, widows and Physically challenged and income generation activities to alleviate poverty etc.Out of 49 self help groups, 37 groups are functioning and the remaining 12 are defunct. Although efforts are made to revive the defunct groups the team has not succeeded.

Ciao Kids Representatives and Amar Jyothi Team Visit Details

Philippe and Alexandra visited Parivarthana during November 2019 and stayed for 6 days. During their stay they have visited field and also attended children program. In the children program they have given citation and cash prize for those who got first class in 10th standard and degree examinations. Amar Jyothi team from Jharkhand visited Parivarthana on 17 –02-2020 along with Ciao Kids representatives Philippe de preux for SHG Management training. They stayed for 6 days – one day conceptual training on SHG management training at Parivarthana campus, 4 days field visit to learn about SHG functioning by visiting SHGs in the tribal villages and one day mutual sharing of experience by Parivarthana and Jharkhand team after conceptual training and field visit. In the Jharkhand sister Netalia, sister Mamatha and Nithin were there and in Parivarthana team G.S Raje Gowda, Pavana, Yogesh, Shiva Kumar and Anil Kumar were there and coordination done by Philippe de preux.

Parent's Meeting

During this year 1 parents meeting was organized on 21st December, 2019 in Fostership Home. In the parents meeting information provided to the parents about facilities available here for the tribal children to continue their education and also briefed about sponsors. In the meeting discussed about children’s regular attendance in Schools / Colleges and also in tuition classes and rules and regulations need to be followed in the campus to get quality education and to avoid problems. Also spoke about parent’s responsibilities and about POCSO Act to generate awareness among parents.
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Vocational Training

To develop new skills for self employment, tailoring training classes have been organized for 20 girls and middle aged SHG members at Ayyanakere, Hunsur block from 6th June to November 6th, 2019. For this purpose 8 suing machines and required stitching materials were provided to the center with a teacher. The tailoring training completed and certificates issued on 13th December, 2019 for successful trainees. Now the tailoring trainees are looking for jobs and some are thinking to take suing machines by getting loan from SHG or from panchayat (local self government) under government scheme to stitch cloths locally.
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Support Education Program

During this year 730 school /college going Adivasi children were indentified in the project area to provide support education kits and school bags in Hunsur, Periyapatna and H D Kote blocks. Accordingly, required education materials such as note books, copy writing books, pens, pencils, geometry boxes, erasers, sharpeners, pen-pencil pouches and school bags were provided to 587 children in June, 2019. Out of 587 children who have received Support Education Kits, 306 children (2nd to 5th standard) have received Mini Education Kits and 281 children (6th standard to Degree level) have received bigger education kits.
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Child Rights Commission Member’s Visit:

On 20th August, 2019 Mr. Parashuram, member of Child Rights Commission has visited Parivarthana and saw the facilities available for Fosterhsip Home children and also he spoke to the children about child rights and functions of child rights commission. He has expressed satisfaction about the facilities provided to the children at Fostership Homes to continue their education and also he guided children to make use of this opportunity to have good education and settle down in life.
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Career Guidance for Fostership Home Children

On 27th July, 2019 a half a day career guidance session was organized for the benefit of 10th standard, PUC and Degree students. In that what are the opportunities available for higher studies in science, commerce and arts wings for students seeking higher education and also about employment opportunities for 10th pass, PUC pass and degree completed students. In addition how to take Common Entrance Test (CET) for professional courses, management courses and Ph. D registration etc, were also dealt and in addition information provided about how to take banking exams, Indian administrative service exams and other competitive exams etc for getting good jobs after completion of studies.
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Pre-Primary Center (PPC)

Channakal Kaval PPC was reopened on 3rd June, 2019 and 12 children enrolled for the year 2019-20 in the beginning and in later stage one more child joined PPC. In the last quarter 2 children have left PPC as their mother has gone mother’s home for delivery. Altogether 13 children got admission for PPC during the year 2019 -20 in Chankal Kaval. Out of 13 children, 10 are old and 3 are new children. Previous year’s 4 aged children those who crossed five years and ten months’ age have joined local Primary Schools for first 1st standard during June, 2019. After PPC center reopened required education materials like slates & charts, games items such as balls, passels and rings were supplied for children use. Required food materials supplied every month based on need. Uniforms provided during October, 2019. PPC is running well and children are benefiting from it.
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Fostership Home Activities:

Boys Fostership Home is reopened on 24th May, 2019. In total 53 boys got admission to Fostership Home under Ciao Kids Program for the year 2019-20 (for Fostership Home children admissions Parivarthana has suppose to take 70 boys but during this year only 53 children were selected for admissions and 7 children were sent back as they were not knowing reading and writing). Out of 53 boys, 22 are new and 31 boys are old children. Out of 53 children 16 children left the Fostership Home during the year for different reasons and at the end of March 23rd, 37 children were continued and after 23rd March all the children were sent home due to corona virus effect and lack down in the country to control the virus. Class wise details are as below. During this year 53 Fostership Home children got education kits and school / college bags. All the children are getting all the facilities such as boarding, health, education materials and personal cleaning materials etc., Also sports, library and ent
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Children Meetings

During this year 7 children meetings were held in Parivarthana Fostership Home. In the meetings children issues were discussed particularly regarding POCSO Act, children rights, attending regular tuition and computer classes, attending schools / colleges regularly to get minimum attendance (ie 72%) to get examination hall tickets to write examination, food supply as per menu chart, maintenance of hygiene in living rooms, toilets & bath rooms and in campus etc., Also rules and regulations need to be followed in the Fostership Home to avoid problems and for smooth running of Fostership Home. After the meeting, majority of children were followed the rules and regulations with the exception of few.
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Tree planting and Kitchen Gardening

85 Beneficiaries were identified during this quarter beginning for kitchen gardening and tree planting program. Accordingly after training 2980 silver oak plants, 103 papaya, 79 karri leaf, 83 lime and 81 drum stick plants were distributed to 80 members. Late monsoon was good (of course heavy also) and survival of the plants is good but due to heavy rain fall kitchen gardening seeds not germinated properly. Apart from kitchen gardening plants and seeds also distributed 1105 coffee plants for 21 members and 586 pepper plants for 30 members to develop small garden in their backyards or in fields.


Board Members

Mr. A Prakash


Mr. D. Malleshagowda

Vice President

Mr. G.S. Raje Gowda


Mr. Santhosh Kumar G J


Mrs. Pavana


Team Members

G S Rajegowda (Project Director)


Pavana (Program Manager)


Mamatha R (Accounts and Administrative Assistant)


Pavan Kumar (Male warden)


Sarasu (Female warden)


Shiva Kumar G B (Teacher)


Kumuda H G (Teacher)


Kenchappa K R (Teacher)


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Account Number: 0796101013177

Bank: Canara Bank

Branch: Hunsur

IFSC Code: CNRB0000796


Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at

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